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27 Sep

Comparing Nikon Supertelephoto Lenses

Roger from LensRentals compares the different Nikon Supertelephoto lenses.


I actually purchased this at Big W, but it is also available at Priceline. This powder blush initially reminded me of my M.A.C blush in Sunbasque, but on a side by side comparison they weren’t that similar. I love this blush and wear it regularly because it gives my cheeks a nice pinky glow. It isn’t powdery at all and has good pigmentation. You can get this for less than $10. This colour reminded me so much of M.A.C Satin Taupe. But when I swatched this in store, it was the quality and pigmentation that blew my mind! I managed to get this on sale, but even at full retail price I believe the price was less than $13, which is very reasonable considering the pan is bigger than M.A.C shadows. Not…

Plugged In: Spendy full-frames stealing the show


Redoubt Reporter ‘Fall into winter on the Kenai’ photo contest

 The Redoubt Reporter is holding another in its series of reader-submitted photo contests.

Photos will be judged and winners selected by a three-member panel. After each contest closes, we’ll publish and discuss some of our favorites in the Redoubt Reporter. Some of the selected photographers will be invited to frame and hang their photos at a Redoubt Reporter June 2013 group photo show scheduled at the Sterling Highway Kaladi Brothers coffee shop.

The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. Dec. 1, 2012. All submissions must be in high-quality digital format. Submit no more than five JPEG images by email to

The New Nikon Compendium, Cameras, Lenses & Accessories since 1917

416 pages
The New Nikon Compendium, Cameras, Lenses & Accessories since 1917

Creator: Simon Stafford, Rudi Hillebrand, Hans-Joachim Hauschild | 2004-09-01 This is what Nikon enthusiasts have eagerly awaited: the most complete Nikon reference book ever.
Publisher: Lark Books

Nikon D600 vs Nikon D800 – Short Comparison of Professional Grade Cameras


“Mary Rose” is the author? I would have thought it was someone whose first language is definitely not English. The author also appears not to know very much about cameras, either. The Nikon F-mount is not “the standard lens in most 35 mm SLR cameras.” It’s not a lens; it is a mount. And it is only the standard for Nikon 35mm cameras. There are plenty of other 35mm SLR systems with different mounts. Overall, this is very poorly written. Is this site just a front for various links?

Wildlife Through a Nikon Lens

114 pages
Wildlife Through a Nikon Lens

Creator: Christopher Weston | 2006-11-01

Muza-chan`s Gate to Japan

An old Japanese belief says that in order to have a wish fulfilled, you need to give up a desire… Related to this, there’s a small temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto, called Yasaka Koshin-do, where you can witness a nice old custom: in the temple’s courtyard you will see a large number of spherical talismans made of colorful cloth, called Kukurizaru – the “hanging monkey”.

Kukurizaru represents a monkey with the hands and feet tied to the back, a symbol of self-control and triumph over desires. The idea is that if you put your desire inside the Kukurizaru

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